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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Mest brukte
Hva skal skrives Resulterende grafikk Betydning
:hithere: Hithere Hithere
:overreact :overreact :overreact
:nonosmile Nonosmiley Nonosmiley
:toetap :toetap :toetap
:nut :nut :nut
:hug: Hug Hug
:yess :yess :yess
:gaahsmile Gaahsmiley Gaahsmiley
:dulte: Dulte Dulte
:blissy: Blissy Blissy
:razz: Razz Razz
:hippie: Hippie Hippie
:badgirl :badgirl :badgirl
:crazy2: Crazy Crazy
:flort2: Flort2 Flort2
:dramamood :dramamood :dramamood
:knegg: Knegg Knegg
:woot :woot :woot
:toff: Toff Toff
Hva skal skrives Resulterende grafikk Betydning
:klem1 klem1 klem1
:balcony: Balcony Balcony
:huggy: Huggy Huggy
:blinkehje Love Smiley 052 Love Smiley 052
:rompeklå rompeklå rompeklå
:veildance Veildancesmiley Veildancesmiley
:iloveju iloveyou iloveyou
:loveshowe Loveshower Loveshower
:kyssemerk Kyssemerker Kyssemerker
:hjertesmi Grinning Smiley 020 Grinning Smiley 020
:hapbirthd Hapbirthdaysmiley Hapbirthdaysmiley
:flirt1: Flirt1 Flirt1
:blessedbe Blessedbesmiley Blessedbesmiley
:rose3: Rose3 Rose3
:heartbeat Heartbeat Heartbeat
:grouphugg Grouphuggsmiley Grouphuggsmiley
:kiss: Kiss Kiss
:love2 Love2 Love2
:Peacesmil Peacepipesmiley Peacepipesmiley
:danseblom Nature1 Nature1
:grouphug: Grouphug Grouphug
:rosesmile Rosesmile Rosesmile
:sengevals Sengevals Sengevals
:awwsmiley Awwsmiley Awwsmiley
:forelsket Forelsket1 Forelsket1
:loveboats Loveboatsmiley Loveboatsmiley
:amor: Amor Amor
:colorhear Colorheart Colorheart
:blafre: Blafre Blafre
:heartturn Heartturning Heartturning
:bflysmile Bflysmiley Bflysmiley
:couple: Couple Couple
:smiley_ab Smiley Abda Smiley Abda
:seng: Seng Seng
:stryke: Stryke Stryke
:klem2 klem2 klem2
:loveeyes: Loveeyes Loveeyes
:dan: Dan Dan
Hva skal skrives Resulterende grafikk Betydning
:smilies-2 Smilies 2347 Smilies 2347
:mumle: Mumle Mumle
:niks: Niks Niks
:shithappe Shithappens Shithappens
:vaske: Vaske Vaske
:sad3: Sad3 Sad3
:skrikefos Skrikefoss Skrikefoss
:sad-smile Sad Smiley 054 Sad Smiley 054
:leppe: leppe leppe
:snurt: Snurt Snurt
:Pms: Pms Pms
:sad-smile Sad Smiley 011 Sad Smiley 011
:hopmad: Hopmad Hopmad
:furious: Furious Furious
:greensad: Greensad Greensad
:hammer: Hammer Hammer
:grossedou Grossedout Grossedout
:angry-smi Angry Smiley 008 Angry Smiley 008
:urtrist urtrist urtrist
:sumo: Sumo Sumo
:sint: Sint Sint
:trist trist trist
:nevermiss Nevermiss Nevermiss
:illsint: Illsint Illsint
:skuffet: Skuffet Skuffet
:slobber :slobber :slobber
:krank20: Krank20 Krank20
:kone: Kone Kone
:sorry: Sorry Sorry
:maddance: Maddance Maddance
:ignore: Ignore Ignore
:bird2 Bird Bird
:gloomy: Gloomy Gloomy
:angry-smi Angry Smiley 052 Angry Smiley 052
:smilygifs Smilygifs653 Smilygifs653
:swearsmil Swearsmiley Swearsmiley
:chickfigh Chickfight 484469 Chickfight 484469
:nak: Nak Nak
Mat og drikke
Hva skal skrives Resulterende grafikk Betydning
:yummy: Yummy Yummy
:food2 Food2 Food2
:food1 Food1 Food1
:food7 Food7 Food7
:food-smil Food Smiley 007 Food Smiley 007
:icon_choc Icon Choccy Icon Choccy
:eatingsmi Eatingsmiley Eatingsmiley
:food8 Food8 Food8
:lotsocoff Lotsocoffee Lotsocoffee
:food6 Food6 Food6
:ete: Ete Ete
:food5 Food5 Food5
:fork: Fork Fork
:food4 Food4 Food4
:goorganic Goorganic Goorganic
:food3 Food3 Food3
:sikle :sikle :sikle
Hva skal skrives Resulterende grafikk Betydning
:fornaerme Fornaermet Fornaermet
:nemlig1 nemlig1 nemlig1
:jawsmiley Jawsmiley Jawsmiley
:shrug: Shrug Shrug
:kort: Kort Kort
:lure: Lure Lure
:undrer: Undrer Undrer
:0071: Character0071 Character0071
:sick: Sick Sick
:ruller ruller ruller
:clap: Clap Clap
:nikker: Nikker Nikker
:duh: Duh Duh
:rallysmil Rallysmiley Rallysmiley
:herregud: Herregud Herregud
:thumbsup: Thumbsup Thumbsup
:daane: Daane Daane
:sjokka Sjokka Sjokka
:beg :beg :beg
:nono: Nono Nono
:blabla: Blabla Blabla
:gives: Gives Gives
:yeah: Yeahthat Yeahthat
:duck: Duck Duck
:jadda jada jada
:rocker rocker rocker
:confettis Confettismiley Confettismiley
:I-Agree: I Agree I Agree
:himler: Himler Himler
:tilber: Tilber Tilber
:fencing: Fencing Fencing
:nemlig: Nemlig Nemlig
:mischievo Mischievous Mischievous
:kap: Kap Kap
:goodbadsm Goodbadsmiley Goodbadsmiley
Hva skal skrives Resulterende grafikk Betydning
:babyboy: Babyboy Babyboy
:homeschoo Homeschool Homeschool
:jordmor: Jordmor Jordmor
:2toddler: 2toddler 2toddler
:fly-by-2 Fly By Nursing2 Fly By Nursing2
:boc: Boc Boc
:fly-by-nu Fly By Nursing1 Fly By Nursing1
:koste: Koste Koste
:slingtwin Slingtwin Slingtwin
:tandem: Tandem Tandem
:baby: Baby Baby
:babygirl: Babygirl Babygirl
:fambed4 Familybed2 Familybed2
:soppel 7[1] 7[1]
:bfolderch Bfolderchild Bfolderchild
:icon_stud Icon Study Icon Study
:fode: Fode Fode
:hijab: Hijab Hijab
:fødsel2 Homebirth Homebirth
:learning: Learning Learning
:diaper: Diaper Diaper
:fuzmalesl Fuzmalesling Fuzmalesling
:handsup :handsup :handsup
:ammetaake Ammetaake Ammetaake
:boy: Boy Boy
:maaaaat: Maaaaat Maaaaat
:taart: Taart Taart
:infant: Infant Infant
:bfinfant: Bfinfant Bfinfant
:babydust7 Babydust7 Babydust7
:meditate: Meditate Meditate
:slinggirl Slinggirl Slinggirl
:baby22sk: Baby22sk Baby22sk
:leggeseg: Leggeseg Leggeseg
:bftoddler Bftoddler Bftoddler
:tabilde: Tabilde Tabilde
:fødsel1 Waterbirth2 Waterbirth2
:wash: Wash Wash
:girl: Girl Girl
:bryn: Bryn Bryn
:cd: Cd Cd
:stork-gir Stork Girl Stork Girl
:bokmal: Bokmal Bokmal
:gravid: Gravid Gravid
:fambed3 Fambedsingle2 Fambedsingle2
:toddler: Toddler Toddler
:ecbaby2: Ecbaby2 Ecbaby2
:stork-boy Stork Boy Stork Boy
:skatesmil Skatesmiley Skatesmiley
:hulasmile Hulasmiley Hulasmiley
:malesling Malesling Malesling
:slingboy: Slingboy Slingboy
:makebabe: Makebabe Makebabe
:tandem2: Tandem2 Tandem2
:Pos: Pos Pos
:fambed2 Familybed1 Familybed1
:sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:
:artist: Artist Artist
:dishes: Dishes Dishes
:1pump: 1pump 1pump
:laundry1v Laundry1vz Laundry1vz
:belly: Belly Belly
:fambed1 Fambedsingle1 Fambedsingle1
:bf: Bf Bf
:ironning: Ironning Ironning
:tantrum :tantrum :tantrum
:thumbsuck Thumbsuck Thumbsuck
:babypiss: Babypiss Babypiss
:fbbf: Fbbf Fbbf
Hva skal skrives Resulterende grafikk Betydning
:strikke: Strikke Strikke
:sjokk: Sjokk Sjokk
:bestwishe Bestwishes Bestwishes
:4_1_200: 4 1 200 4 1 200
:skilt6: Skilt6 Skilt6
:juhu: Juhu Juhu
:innocen2: Innocent0006 Innocent0006
:mexicanwa Mexicanwave Mexicanwave
:Puff1: Puff1 Puff1
:hippie2sm Hippie7smiley Hippie7smiley
:bandanse: Ban Dance02 Ban Dance02
:curlers: Curlers Curlers
:doko_blad Doko Blad Doko Blad
:syk2: Syk2 Syk2
:klappert: Klappert Klappert
:blæ: Blæ Blæ
:lupe: Lupe Lupe
:biker: Biker Biker
:scare2: Scared0016 Scared0016
:Puff2: Puff2 Puff2
:moon: Moon Moon
:goodscale Goodscales Goodscales
:skilt2: Skilt2 Skilt2
:0260: Character0260 Character0260
:Party1: Party0010 Party0010
:nature1 Nature1 Nature1
:working: Sign Sign
:gossip: Gossip Gossip
:countings Countingsheep[1] Countingsheep[1]
:bil: Bil Bil
:red_eyes: Red Eyes Red Eyes
:sewmachin Sewmachine Sewmachine
:spin: Spin Spin
:kunstner: Kunstner Kunstner
:Party2: Party0007 Party0007
:hosten: Hosten Hosten
:sleeping: Sleeping Sleeping
:cool12: Cool12 Cool12
:Outhouse: Outhouse Outhouse
:af: Af Af
:ninja: Ninja Ninja
:miiin: miiin miiin
:snill: Snill Snill
:skilt5: Skilt5 Skilt5
:cart40: Cart40 Cart40
:boob: Boob Boob
:dom: Dom Dom
:sneezings Sneezingsmiley Sneezingsmiley
:skilt4: Skilt4 Skilt4
:slem: Slem Slem
:bag: Bag Bag
:balloonda Balloondanglesmiley Balloondanglesmiley
:dusje: Dusje Dusje
:dizzy: Dizzy Dizzy
:pjukie: Pjukie Pjukie
:innocent: Innocent Innocent
:zzz2: Zzz Zzz
:irked: Irked Irked
:Pupper: Pupper Pupper
:heia: Heia Heia
:fransk: Fransk Fransk
:fever: Fever Fever
:skilt1: Skilt1 Skilt1
:Praying: Praying Praying
:0093: Character0093 Character0093
:trott: Trott Trott
:dramaquee Dramaqueen Dramaqueen
:fairy: Smilie Fee1a Smilie Fee1a
:lurk: Lurk Lurk
:hykler: Hykler Hykler
:lyttemusi Lyttemusikk Lyttemusikk
:trompet: Trompet Trompet
:trekkned Mixed Smiley 002 Mixed Smiley 002
:inthet: Inthet Inthet
:0255: Character0255 Character0255
:woop :woop :woop
:devosmile Devosmiley Devosmiley
:caffix: Caffix Caffix
:skilt3: Skilt3 Skilt3
:sol Nature Smiley 007 Nature Smiley 007
:sneeze: Sneeze Sneeze
:banghead: Banghead Banghead
:mornincof Mornincoffee Mornincoffee
:0002: Character0002 Character0002
:candle: Candle Candle
:geek Action Smiley 010 Action Smiley 010
:included :included :included
:syk: Ziek Ziek
:1356: 1356 1356
:birdie2: Birdie2 Birdie2
:negler: Negler Negler
:kvalm: Kvalm Kvalm
:dust: Dust Dust
:Pottersmi Pottersmiley Pottersmiley
:supermod: Supermod Supermod
:footinmou Footinmouth Footinmouth
:icon_spam Icon Spammer Icon Spammer
:syk: Syk Syk
:treff: Treff Treff
:carrot: Carrot Carrot
:hippie3sm Hippie9smiley Hippie9smiley
Hva skal skrives Resulterende grafikk Betydning
:3: 3 3
:fisk1: 16 5 6 16 5 6
:Copy_of_B Copy Of BandSingGirl Copy Of BandSingGirl
:Gris: 16 10 9 16 10 9
:4: 4 4
:blåfugl: 36 33 2 36 33 2
:Storpus: 36 22 20 36 22 20
:and: 16 5 23 16 5 23
:wool: Wool Wool
:Pinnsvin: 16 11 6 16 11 6
:drage: Animal0047 Animal0047
:0029: Character0029 Character0029
:fisk6: 16 5 39 16 5 39
:bæsjefugl 10 2 15 10 2 15
:badeand: 16 8 2 16 8 2
:dog: Dog Dog
:1118: 1118 1118
:0246: Character0246 Character0246
:fisk5: 36 33 3 36 33 3
:lama: Bananalama Bananalama
:fisk3: 16 5 5 16 5 5
:cat: Cat Cat
:1: 1 1
:ugle: 16 3 131 16 3 131
:Pinkeleph Pinkelephant Pinkelephant
:2: 2 2
:fisk2: 16 5 29 16 5 29
:shelob: Shelob Shelob
Hva skal skrives Resulterende grafikk Betydning
:santa8: Santa8 Santa8
:advent: Advent Advent
:kneggniss Kneggnisse Kneggnisse
:juppnisse Juppnisse Juppnisse
:fairyjul: Fairy Fairy
:ktorn: Ktorn Ktorn
:merry: Merry Merry
:xmas043: Xmas Smiley 043 Xmas Smiley 043
:kalle: Kalle Kalle
:rodmeniss Rodmenisse Rodmenisse
:meanelf: Meanelf Meanelf
:canes: Canes Canes
:snomann: Snomann Snomann
:galnisse: Galnisse Galnisse
:julelys: Lys Lys
:smily758: Smily758 Smily758
:roflnisse Roflnisse Roflnisse
:toffnisse Toffnisse Toffnisse
:nissefar: Nissefar Nissefar
:veitnisse Veitikkenisse Veitikkenisse
:santa: Santa Santa
:gaver: Gaver Gaver
:klemnisse Klemnisser Klemnisser
:snillniss Snillnisse Snillnisse
:nissen: Nissen Nissen
:tree: Tree Tree
:snowflake Snowflake Snowflake
:snow-02: Snow 02 Snow 02
:julegave: Julegave Julegave
:mclause: Mclause Mclause
:winter: Winter Winter
:elf: Elf Elf
:juuul: Juuul Juuul
:xmaslol: Xmaslol Xmaslol
:tree2a: Tree2a Tree2a
:x18: X18 X18
:nisserort Nisserort Nisserort
Generic Smilies
Hva skal skrives Resulterende grafikk Betydning
:nice: Nice Nice
:) Smile Smile
:( Frown Frown
:thanks: Thanks Thanks
:confused: Confused Confused
:stupid: Stupid Stupid
:iamwithst Iamwithstupid Iamwithstupid
:mad: Mad Mad
:broc1: Broc1 Broc1
:takk: Takk Takk
:Off-Topic Off Topic2 Off Topic2
:p Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue
:laughing- Laughing Smiley 018 Laughing Smiley 018
;) Wink Wink
:D Big Grin Big Grin
:o Embarrassment Embarrassment
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
:cool: Cool Cool
:eek: EEK! EEK!
Glade smileyer
Hva skal skrives Resulterende grafikk Betydning
:Prettyple Prettyplease Prettyplease
:roert: Roert Roert
:yiiha: Yiiha Yiiha
:Reallyhap Reallyhappy Reallyhappy
:erte: Erte Erte
:jump2: Jump2 Jump2
:lmao: Lmao Lmao
:giggle: Giggle Giggle
:giblomst: Giblomst Giblomst
:chillpill :chillpill :chillpill
:engel_3: Engel 3 Engel 3
:rosasmil rosasmil rosasmil
:vinnersmiley :vinnersmiley :vinnersmiley
:rastasmil Rastasmiley Rastasmiley
:smileblom smileblomst smileblomst
:storklem: Storklem Storklem
:blondemoment :blondemoment :blondemoment
:hyper: Hyper Hyper
:tiphat: Tiphat Tiphat
:smiledanc Smiledance2 Smiledance2
:venner: Venner Venner
:bellydance :bellydance :bellydance
:bdayparty Bdayparty Bdayparty
:gærne gærne gærne
:fnis: Fnis Fnis
:hahasmile Hahasmiley Hahasmiley
:lykkelig: Lykkelig Lykkelig
:skratte: Skratte Skratte
:woohoo: Woohoo Woohoo
:tynntråd tynntråd tynntråd
:takker: Takker Takker
:jippi: Jippi Jippi
:blomma: Blomma Blomma
:jumpers: Jumpers Jumpers
:LOL Lol Lol
:funa: Funa Funa
:balloons: Balloons Balloons
:cool69: Cool69 Cool69
:moahaha: Moahaha Moahaha
:hoppgal hoppgal hoppgal
:bukett: Bukett Bukett
:Sing: Sing Sing
:kry: Kry Kry
:glis: Glis Glis
:lol LOL LOL
:duska: Duska Duska
:klemse: Klemse Klemse
:himleler himleler himleler
:high: High High
:Paraply paraply paraply
:banana: Banana Banana
:banguitar Banguitar Banguitar
Hva skal skrives Resulterende grafikk Betydning
:hide: Hide Hide
:liste: Liste Liste
:Oops: Oops Oops
:skrape: Skrape Skrape
:skremt: Skremt Skremt
:iiik: Iiik Iiik
:scared: Scared Scared
:Para: Para Para
:blushing_ Blushing Smiley Blushing Smiley
:hm: Hm Hm
:help2: Help Help

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